Growing pencils

The growing pencil is a unique collection of paper pencils, which can be planted after use .
  • 1,200AMD

    Get acquainted with Growing Pencil. It is new in Armenia and is imported exceptionally by Studio AV. Growing Pencil is a specific collection made from paper, after using it you can put it on the ground and make a plant. From the outside, this Pencil has a capsule filled with plant seeds.When the Pencil ends, you can plant it in the ground. Watering and taking care of it on time, you can have fruity and decorative plant. It gives you chance to create and lenght your efforts in gardening. It is ecological, eco product.     Pencil is made from the double reusing paper. There is no need to use wood. It sharpens more easily than a wooden pencil. Description of each plant in the box and the recipe made with that plant. No one will be indifferent to this unique gift. Only the name makes you think and turn on the imagination.     Available variety of plants: silver spruce, thyme, sage, lavender, chrysanthemum, almond, clove, apricot, calendula, velvet, chamomile, lilac, paprika, hot pepper, coriander, fennel.
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