About Us

What is Green Shop? 

The “Green Shop” platform has been created with love and care towards nature,  aiming to encourage green lifestyle and thus minimise the environmental pollution. Being the first of its kind platform in the Armenian market, this e-platform  brings together all famous green suppliers of the Armenian market operating in Yerevan. The Green Shop was initially founded with the aim of providing financial support to an NGO called “Eco Waste”, which brought the culture of recycling into Armenia. Now, given the demand, the Green Shop expands, with the aspiration to trigger an even bigger environmental impact by making people rethink their environmental footprint. Hence, Green Shop works in three different directions, about which you can learn below:  

What Does Green Shop Offer? 

  1. Business to Business

It offers companies, organizations and individual entrepreneurs who sell green products to introduce themselves on our e-platform. By green products we imply products made from secondary raw materials (buckets, hangers, flower pots, etc.), foods that are GMO free, eco pens, eco bags, housewares with decreased or no use of plastic components, upcycled clothes, etc. The Green Shop, starting its route as an NGO-supporter, already has a large group of devoted customers. This will help your business access new customer segments and increase your sales. Besides, our team will showcase the eco-friendly features of your product and advertise it (creating social ads) on social media platforms, providing you with an effortless and effective visibility.

  1. Green Shop to Individuals

It is a wonderful opportunity for the people such as housewives, new moms, elderly people, rural population, students seeking to pay educational fees, people living in vulnerable circumstances, as well as handicapped people, to introduce their handicrafts or other products on our e-platform and make profit. Such products include: organic vegetables, natural teas, homemade jams, preserves, etc., handmade clothes, linens, accessories, eco bags and the like. We believe in goodwill, equity and equality and thus we feel responsible for constructing opportunities for the ones who are deprived of them.     

  1. Business to Customer

Our fundamental principles are honesty and respect towards our customers. The large variety of  products and services found on the Green Shop will help you minimise your environmental footprint. This is the platform, where you can find everything you need for your home, your office, your summerhouse, etc. This is an exceptional platform where you can buy both products for everyday use and presents for your friend’s birthday. The product you look for on our e-platform will make you stop by and get acquainted with so many more you would have never thought existed before. One of the special advantages of using our e-platform is the INFORMATION: we pledge to provide you with the information on every product, helping you understand how using it helps you reduce your negative impact on the environment. Not enough advantages? Read this one then! We also offer you fast and friendly delivery! Soon enough we will have the chance to deliver your orders on bicycles, so one more loop closed! 

What  does the Green Shop aim for?

The Green Shop’s mission is the following: 

  • to gather all 3R-based clean and environmentally friendly companies and businesses under one roof, 

  • to prompt as many new people into buying green products and leading an eco-friendly lifestyle, as possible in Armenia,  

  • to teach people how to consume responsibly, how to reduce the quantity of their waste with the help of sustainable products,

  • to produce social advertisements which will enlarge the consumer scopes (this will help in forming a society which will demand more environmentally friendly goods and services, often suggesting by itself, and the demand will make new companies emerge. This way we will spread the ‘green consciousness’ and promote responsible consumption), 

  • to play a role in solving environmental issues in the local community practically by providing a part of the profit from the sales to the environmental programs of “Eco Waste/Aghb” NGO, which raises and solves environmental issues all over Armenia. 

  • to help the jobless, rural communities or people with health problems to get a job,